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Contact Us TodayVascular lesion is the medical term for inflamed or abnormally dilated blood vessels which are commonly found on the legs and face and may be visible through the surface of the skin. Vascular lesions may present as:

  • Rosacea: this skin inflammation condition is linked to acne, facial redness, broken capillaries, and dilated blood vessels. These symptoms can also be aggravated by external factors, such as ingestion of spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, sun exposure, and extreme temperatures.
  • Telangiectasia or Venulectasias (“spider veins”): spider veins are small, intertwined groupings of miniscule capillaries and blood vessels situated just below the surface of the skin. These vascular anomalies are colloquially referred to as “spider veins” because the red, blue, or purple veins typically present in a pattern resembling that of a spider web or tree branch.


Although laser vein removal sessions are non-invasive procedures, successful treatment outcomes require extensive knowledge of the intricate vascular system. Your laser vein removal treatments should only be performed by experienced practitioners, such as the team at Creekside Medical Spa, located in Folsom, CA. Medical Director, Dr. Daniel Cooper, D.O. specializes in laser-based aesthetic enhancement modalities, and has equipped Creekside Medical Spa with two of Cynosure’s most powerful, next-generation laser workstations, each of which features specialized hand pieces that have been optimized for the removal of pigmented/vascular lesions and unsightly veins:

  • Elite MPX™
    • The Elite MPX™ features two gold standard wavelengths, and is powered by advanced, patented MultiPlex™ technology, which provides enhanced treatment customization and flexibility, and allows the treatment of patients of ALL skin types and skin colors safely and effectively.
    • Integrated air cooling system maximizes patient comfort throughout the treatment session.
    • Enhanced ‘large spot’ treatment functionality allows for faster vein removal on larger body parts, such as the legs.
  • Icon™ Aesthetic System
    • The Icon™’s MaxG IPL™ employs a unique combination of dual-band filters and Dynamic Spectrum Shifting™ to heat the entire diameter of larger vessels, producing superior closure of larger, deeper facial vessels.
    • By channeling beams of high-intensity light deep into the skin tissue, the Icon™ laser is able to effectively target and treat vascular lesions without damaging the surrounding tissues.
    • The MaxG™ hand piece delivers optimal vessel clearance with results surpassing those of single-wavelength lasers.
    • The Icon™’s patented Advanced Contact CoolingTM system regulates the treatment temperature and protects the skin, facilitating a relatively pain-free treatment.

All of Creekside Medical Spa’s vein removal treatments can safely be performed on most skin types in the comfort of our beautiful facility, and produce immediate, visible improvements in the appearance of vascular lesions after just one session. Because of the non-invasive nature of the treatment, you may return to your regular activities immediately after their vein treatment session concludes—no downtime required! Your total number of laser vein removal treatments will depend upon the size of the targeted treatment areas, as well as the depth and severity of your vascular lesions. Most of our patients are able to achieve optimal results with 1-3 treatments.


At Creekside Medical Spa, our practice philosophy is premised on three key principles:

  • Consistently upholding the highest quality standards in patient care.
  • Keeping abreast of new innovations and technological developments in the field of aesthetic medicine in order to deliver cutting-edge, science-based treatments with a proven track record demonstrating their safety and efficacy.
  • Custom-tailoring each treatment to reflect our patients’ unique needs and aesthetic goals while correcting cosmetic concerns and subtly enhancing their natural beauty.

We understand the importance of having well-informed patients, and will take the time to thoroughly review your laser vein removal treatment options and procedural details so that you are relaxed and confident going into your treatment session. If you would like to learn more about eliminating unwanted vascular anomalies with customized laser vein removal treatments at Creekside Medical Spa, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Daniel Cooper, or with one of our aesthetic RNs or licensed medical aestheticians.

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