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Contact Us TodayThe proven safety and effectiveness of laser-based aesthetic treatments has led to a growing demand for services within this technology-driven subfield of cosmetic medicine. At Creekside Medical Spa, located just outside Sacramento in Folsom, California, Dr. Daniel Cooper and his team of professionally-trained staff members have equipped their practice with state-of-the-art laser workstations from industry leaders such as Palomar and Candela.

Our advanced laser treatments can be grouped into the following general areas:

  • IPL/PHOTOFACIAL: The intense pulsed light (IPL)/photofacial applications of Cynosureâ’s MedLite C6 laser and Icon Aesthetic System™ are ideally suited for patients suffering from dyschromia, which is the medical term used to describe pigmentation irregularities or alterations of color on the skin, such as hyperpigmentation (dark spots).
  • LASER HAIR REMOVAL: The office is equipped with two laser hair removal systems, the Palomar’s Vectus and Cynosureâ’s Elite MPX. These cutting-edge laser systems are powerful enough to rapidly produce long-term hair removal results while remaining safe for use on all hair colors (excluding white hair) and skin types.
  • LASER SKIN RESURFACING AND SKIN TIGHTENING: The office is equipped with two of Palomar’s top laser resurfacing workstations—the SmartSkin+™ CO2 and the Icon™ Aesthetic system. These multi-wavelength laser platforms provide both ablative and non-ablative treatment options to target skin tightening, loss of elasticity, acne or other scarring, wrinkled, and weathered skin.
  • LASER TATTOO REMOVAL: The Medlite C6 Q-Switch laser is able to consistently and rapidly achieve successful tattoo removal using multi-wavelength technology. This laser has remained the industry’s gold standard for multi-colored tattoo removal.
  • LASER TREATMENT FOR VEINS AND VASCULAR LESIONS: Fueled by advanced, trademarked MultiPlex™ technology, the Elite MPX™ laser system also delivers gold standard wavelengths and IPL capabilities to effectively minimize the appearance of undesirable vascular lesions (i.e. spider veins and broken capillaries) on the face and body.

The multi-purpose functionality of our laser-based technologies allows us to provide a broad range of treatment options and to design a comprehensive skin rejuvenation plan that is reflective of your specific cosmetic needs and treatment goals. We are able to regulate the treatment intensity to account for your specific preferences (i.e. speed of treatment, number of treatment sessions, cosmetic concerns, and recovery time) by making precise adjustments to the level of ablative and/or non-ablative laser energy delivered during your session.


Each of our next-generation laser treatments:

  • Requires little (if any) post-treatment downtime
  • Allows for convenient scheduling options with minimal disruption to your busy life
  • Is safe and appropriate for use on all skin types and skin colors
  • Rapidly and consistently delivers excellent clinical results
  • Is associated with minimal (if any) discomfort and a low risk of treatment complications
  • Can be performed in the comfortable, relaxing environment of our pristine facility
  • Is inherently noninvasive—meaning no incisions, needles, or scalpels required
  • Will be personalized to address your specific concerns and treatment objectives


At Creekside Medical Spa, our practice philosophy is premised on three key principles:

  • Consistently upholding the highest quality standards in patient care.
  • Keeping abreast of new innovations and technological developments in the field of aesthetic medicine in order to deliver cutting-edge, science-based treatments with a proven track record demonstrating their safety and efficacy.
  • Custom-tailoring each treatment to reflect our patients’ unique needs and aesthetic goals while correcting cosmetic concerns and subtly enhancing their natural beauty.

We understand the importance of having well-informed patients, and will take the time to thoroughly review all of your laser treatment options and procedural details so that you are relaxed and confident going into your treatment session. If you would like to learn more about any of our laser-based cosmetic enhancement services, please contact Creekside Medical Spa today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Daniel Cooper, or with one of our aesthetic RNs or licensed medical aestheticians.

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